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Track Your Period

Stay in control of your cycle with our intuitive period tracking feature. Log your cycles effortlessly, anticipate your upcoming periods, and be prepared for your fertile days. Empowering you to manage your body with confidence and ease.

Plan Your Routine

Craft your lifestyle around your unique rhythm. Seamlessly integrate your menstrual and ovulation predictions into your schedule. Achieve peak productivity by aligning with your body's natural flow. Your personalized routine for amplified success.

Get Insights

Unlock a deeper understanding of your body. Receive personalized insights and statistics about your menstrual health. Discover patterns, foresee mood shifts, and embrace your individuality. Knowledge is your power – harness it for a harmonious life.

Track 50+ Activities

Record every facet of your well-being journey. From symptoms to moods, activities to habits, our app empowers you to capture it all. Over 50 activity options at your fingertips, providing a holistic picture of your health. Your ultimate partner for comprehensive self-care.

Private & Ad-Free Experience

Embrace hassle-free usage without compromising your privacy. No accounts, no emails, no passwords needed – just your chosen name to personalize your journey. Rest assured, your data remains yours alone. Plus, enjoy an ad-free environment where your focus stays solely on nurturing your well-being. Your tranquility, our commitment.

Know Your Body!

Discover patterns, symptoms, and averages for a deeper connection with your well-being journey.

Personalized Reminders

Choose alerts for periods, pills, and more, making well-being effortless and convenient. Your preferences, prioritized.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure accurate tracking, input the start and end dates of each period. The app calculates your average cycle length and predicts future periods accordingly.

Absolutely! Our app lets you set reminders not only for periods but also for pills, ovulation, and more. Tailor your self-care routine to your needs.

Yes, your data is treated with utmost care. We employ strong encryption and follow strict privacy protocols to safeguard your information.

Absolutely. You can use the app without creating an account or sharing personal details. Just pick a name to personalize your experience.

Our ovulation predictions are based on established algorithms. However, individual variations may occur. For precise predictions, input accurate period data consistently.